Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Working, working, weekend fun, wroking

Clearly working full time has not agreed with updating my blog. Since July I've been at the "Waffle Factory" 9-5ish. I've committed for a year, I expect to last barely that long. I still need to hire my part time replacement. I do get Labor Day off, since this company is so small I'm never sure about the Monday holidays, though Labor Day is the biggie.

I had a great weekend in Maine with Jason's "new" friends from UEP. But it was too cold for skinny dipping, boo!

My current simple pleasure right now is the morning glories that are taking over the front fence, (just as planned!). They make me smile every morning heading off to work. I will provide more pics later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry I didn't mean to post that so soon!

More Independence Day madness!

Random wedding, very nice, lots of Jason's friends. They prove themselves cooler every time I hang out with them.

Plants that Auntie Lisa and I have NOT yet killed!

Delicious Tomato:Morning glory that has become my baby.

Erin, Mack, Steph and I went to the beach on a fun but ominous looking day.

New porch at Gram's.

Trip to JP Licks, scrumptious.

Catching up in pictures

Fourth of July:
Steph with Watermelon

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quality Family Time

The weekend after Jason's grad ceremony we decided to go on a whirlwind tour of his childhood home in Bergenfield, NJ. We decided to do this because he still needed to get stuff from the house his parents are selling there (they moved to Dallas a few months ago). This means I got to hang out with his dad again! I feel like a may have portrayed him unfairly in my last post but he is really quite a nice guy, and like Jason clearly very shy. However, in his semi-natural habitat of Bergenfield Jason's dad was much more relaxed and affable.

We only stayed for Saturday night but I got to take in the sights and sounds of Jason's life pre-college. We got pizza from The Sub King a little hole in the wall several blocks away from his house that had "the best pizza in world" according to Jason (he takes his pizza very seriously, kind of like me and pesto). Then we went on a lovely walk (which turned into death march 2008 for me who stupidly wore black jeans and didn't bring sandals...apparently the further south you go the warmer it gets...). I did get to see his elementary school, little league playing field, middle school and high school, not to mention the "downtown," and Historic Mill House. All of this was lovingly documented by Jason with his new camera.

On Sunday morning we drove back up to Boston unloaded the car, took Jason's dad to the Arboretum to see the lilacs (gorgeous!), then to Jamaica Pond, and finally Buhkara for dinner. As quickly as he had come Jason's dad left the next day, which was ok because it meant we got to go to the beach with all of Jason's UEP friends! And then Bobbie's b-day dinner that night! It was delicious to see Bobbie and I guess the food was good too. Eric and Krishna and I got to make fun of the waitress behind her back which was mean but amusing, and obviously entirely Eric's fault.

I imagine some things happened last week, but they're not that interesting.

This past weekend Steph and I went home to Royalston because it was our uncle's b-day. We got up early to pick up a Tirimisu cake from Mikes Pastries and then took it on the commuter rail train all the way to Fitchburg! Then there was bbq chicken, potato salad and spinich salad (with crazy dressing that I'm still not sure what it is). It was a good time but all too short because Steph and I had to report back to Boston by Sunday evening since she had Field School and I had work on Monday morning.

Last night I went to the UEP pickup softball game to cheer Jason and his buddies on. It was very nice out and there was beer which helped greatly, and while they lost I would have to say in my expert opinion that they played very well.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jason's Graduation Ceremony

While Jason isn't technically done with his Masters (in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts) until August, he got to walk with the rest of his mates this past Sunday! It was a lot of fun and a little stressful because Jason's dad came, who I've never met before. We only went to the department graduation ceremony which is probably better because it was smaller and thus more intimate.

They had it in what must have been the Theater Dept's small theater, which was also in the round, which some of the speakers (ie professors) were totally confused by! But I thought it was kinda cool. Jason's (and mine by now) friend Jon and his girlfriend Chrissy also came to the graduation, which was very nice of them, especially because I didn't have to deal with Jason's dad by myself. Afterwards there was a tasty reception and then there was an informal gathering at Orleans in Davis.

Unfortunately, unlike many of Jason's friends we did not drop off Jason's dad at home before this, so while Jason and I were having a good time talking/saying goodbye to a lot of people Jason's dad was clearly tired and bored (even though he was like "We can do whatever, it's your day," when Jason asked him what he wanted to do [emphasis added]). Then Jason's dad took the first opportunity to strongly suggest we go home (which clearly annoyed Jason), at that point I realized how spoiled I am to have parents (that while crazy) at least tell me how they are feeling to begin with.

Then I went home because Jason's dad was staying at his house and Steph was coming back in from NYC and staying over at grams house so I got to see her which was pretty cool too!

Finally on Monday night Jason and I go to spend some quality time because we went to the Long Blonds show at Great Scott. They were awesome. And they're British which makes them a little more awesome than usual.

In other not super exciting news I had brunch with Krishna and TJ yesterday (my day off) at Thorton's where I had never actually been before and where I should start going more often. And then lazed around with Krishna until she had to go to work.

Now I am hoping Jay will be doing hair sometime this week, it's been too long!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fabulous Friday (and rest of the weekend)!

Friday night I went out with Sabrina and (blond haired) Katelyn to Cafe Jaffa , which had excellent Middle Eastern food and sangria. It's on Gloucester St. between Boyalston and Newbury St. and was quite reasonably priced for the area. It was good to catch up with my two "working girls" they both have what seems like very intense stressful jobs, though one works for a nonprofit and the other for a for-profit (the one I interviewed for a while back). It was raining, of course, much like every other time I hangout with Sabrina, which makes be believe she is either a rain goddess or just attracts precipitation...or we live in New England. We all agreed it seems like we all have too many friends that are planning on getting married. Seriously people, it's 2008 you don't have to don't have to enter into silly societal institutions like that anymore.

Saturday was similarly great because I got to see Melody and her fiance (this is what I'm talking about people) Dan. We walked around the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the most interesting exhibit of which was the new Mayan wall paintings depicting very stylized yet graphic images of a guy cutting through his private parts, and thus a significant amount of blood. Then Jason met up with us (we met at the museum at 10am and despite my coaxing Jason was firmly stuck in an allergy induced comma) and we ate at the oh so new to Boston and supposedly so great Wagamama (which, this time, actually was good, though the first two times I was thoroughly unimpressed). Then we walked along the Charles, found ourselves on Mass Ave and finally near the hidden Bodega shoe store when it was open, got Jason some new shoes and then:

Went to pick Steph up from the airport, because she's home from Spain!!!!!!!
Her crazy friends also had taken the bus in from NYC, and then after we took them to gramma's and fed them, we dropped them back at South Station so they could go back the same night! When I told Sabrina Steph's friends were planning this she said that she really liked me, but just not that much. This just goes to show that Steph is actually just a little bit more awesome than me, which I know is hard to believe.

Sunday Dad picked Steph and me up to so that we could see out mom on Mothers Day, though she always has to work because she works at a plant nursery. It was good to see the fam and mom liked her gifts (of chocolate and marzipan) but then I had to leave this morning to go to work. Lame.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be having dinner with Erin!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April was Justice Month!

Pictures of the Justice for NU Janitors Coalition starting Rally, pseudo-camp-out and ending rally: